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What are the top 10 questions asked of an applicant at a tourist visa interview?

The United States is known for its beauty and attractions, constantly drawing visitors from all over the world. For those who wish to explore the country briefly, the tourist visa is the ideal option. It offers the opportunity to fulfill our childhood dreams and visit iconic places such as Disney, Las Vegas, New York and many other exciting destinations.

However, due to high demand, tourist visas are often denied. One of the common reasons for refusal is nervousness during the interview, which can give the impression that the applicant's intentions are not genuine. It is therefore crucial to know how to behave during the interview at the consulate.

In this blog, we present the "Top 10 Questions Asked During a Tourist Visa Interview". These questions are essential for preparing properly and increasing your chances of obtaining a visa.

  1. Why do you want to visit the United States?

    1. Be specific about your reasons, such as tourism, visiting family/friends, business, conferences, or special events.

    2. Demonstrate that you have a clear and legitimate plan for your stay in the USA.

  2. How long do you intend to stay?

    1. Be prepared to state the exact length of your stay in the United States.

    2. Make sure that your stay is in line with the purposes of your visa.

  3. What places do you want to go to or plan to visit there?

    1. List the specific places you plan to visit, highlighting the relevance of each to your trip.

    2. Show that you have a well-planned itinerary.

  4. Where will you be staying?

    1. Provide details of your accommodation, such as the name of the hotel, address, or the names of family/friends you will be staying with.

    2. This helps prove that you have a reliable place to stay during your visit.

  5. Have you been to the country before?

    1. If you have visited the United States before, mention your previous trips and respect your entry and exit dates.

    2. Demonstrate that you have followed the immigration rules on previous visits.

  6. Have you ever traveled abroad? When and where?

    1. If you have traveled to other countries, be ready to provide information about your previous trips, including dates and destinations.

    2. This helps to show that you have experience of traveling internationally.

  7. Who will pay for your trip?

    1. If someone else is funding your trip, explain the relationship and why they are sponsoring your visit.

    2. If you are paying for yourself, be ready to show proof of sufficient funds.

  8. Will you be traveling alone or with someone else?

    1. Specify whether you will be traveling alone, with family, friends or colleagues.

    2. Provide information on who else will be on your trip and what their relationship is to you.

  9. What do you do in your country? Ex: What is your profession? What do you study?

    1. Explain your occupation in your country, be it your profession, studies or any other relevant activity.

    2. This helps establish links with your country of origin.

  10. Do you know anyone in the United States?

    1. If you have contacts in the US, mention their names and relationships, such as family, friends or colleagues.

These questions are asked both when filling in the DS-160 form before the interview and during the interview itself. Their purpose is to verify the veracity of the information provided. So the crucial tip is: stay calm, plan your trip carefully before the interview so that the consulate clearly understands your intentions and, above all, always be honest.

Now, what's stopping you from getting your tourist visa? Keep following us on social media to stay up to date. And if you have any questions about how to prepare for the interview or about obtaining other types of visas, get in touch with one of our lawyers and schedule an appointment. We're happy to help!

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