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EB-3 Visa Categories

There are several types of visas and, because there are so many varieties, sometimes it can be a confusing to differentiate them and especially to know which visa fits you best. So, we would like to answer some questions about the EB-3 visa.

What is the EB-3 immigrant visa?

It is a third preference visa, specific and intended for immigrant workers. Within the EB-3 visa, there are three subcategories:

  1. Professional: - You must demonstrate that you have a U.S. bachelor's degree or an equivalent foreign degree. This degree is extremely important and cannot be substituted for experience or time on the job. - The job must be one that has a shortage of qualified applicants in the U.S. and you will have to prove this when you file the I-140 petition.

  2. Skilled workers: - You must demonstrate at least two years (24 months) of work experience or training that meets the job requirements in the specified field. - Relevant post-secondary education may be considered as training.

  3. Other workers: - You do not need two years of experience. This includes any position that requires less than 24 months of qualified work experience. However, you must demonstrate the ability to perform such a role. - It must also be specified that it is a position that has a shortage of qualified workers in the country.

Now that you know the subcategories and whether you qualify, let's go over how the application process works:

To qualify for this application, third preference petitions must usually be accompanied by an approved Labor Certification or Form ETA-9089 certified by the Department of Labor. The applicants also need to prove that they qualify for the position by providing evidence of degrees, employment verification letters, etc. Along with this, the employer or company must prove that they will be able to continue paying the determined salary. To support their argument, the employer may use an annual report or their income tax return.

Are you interested or still do not know which type of visa you could qualify for? Contact one of our lawyers to make an appointment and plan your future.

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