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Renewing a Green Card: Differences between I-90 and I-751

When some people hear the words "immigration application" they usually tend to get nervous, not knowing where to start or which forms to fill out. Now, if you have a Lawful Permanent Resident Card (also known as a “Green Card”), you know that this card has an expiration date and you may be wondering which form to fill out to renew it. So today, we would like to to clarify some recurring questions and the differences between two forms: I-90 and I-751.

Form I-90: Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card

The Form I-90 is most commonly used to "renew" normal or permanent Green Cards. This Form can also be used to replace a lost or stolen green card. Let's list a few cases where you can use this form:

  • Your green card has been lost, stolen or destroyed;.

  • You never received your green card from USCIS;

  • Your green card contains incorrect information due to a USCIS error;

  • Your card will expire in 6 months or has already expired and needs to be renewed;

  • You have reached your 14th birthday and your current green card will expire after your 16th birthday;

  • You are a commuter who is about to take up residence in the USA; or,

  • You have a previous edition of your Green Card.

Form I-751: Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence

This is a specific form to remove permanent residency conditions from a person who has married a United States citizen. Those who obtain a Green Card through marriage usually receive a card that is valid for two years. However, they cannot renew their conditional or 2-year Green Card by submitting Form I-90. The only way for a conditional permanent resident to maintain their permanent residency in the country is to convert their conditional residence into a permanent one.

For this type of "renewal" to be possible, conditional permanent residents must fill out a Form I-751 and file it with USCIS during the 90-day period immediately preceding the expiration of their conditional residence. They should also include evidence that supports their basis to remove their conditions. If their conditions are not removed, they will risk losing their status and be considered subject to removal from the United States.

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